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It is cheaper to save energy than make energy
Utility & Energy audits


Paying for energy is simple, you get the bill and pay it, but cutting energy costs is complicated even for buyers with decades of experience.  This is because the price you pay and the quantity you consume is heavily influenced by politics, economics and weather.  These are variables that change irregularly and sometimes quiet drastically.  As if that were not enough of a headache, many of the programs and dynamics change as you move from one market to another.  So managing multiple locations can take a little time and effort.

Price x Quantity – Incentives = Cost

Price = Electricity and Natural Gas account for 87% of total energy supply cost

Quantity = Lighting and HVAC account for 75% of building energy consumption

Incentives = Federal, State and local government and utility rebates, credits and tax incentives

THE ENERGY COST represents 60-85% of you total electric bill.  Market forces, not regulators, dictate this piece.  Very volatile but very liquid – meaning you can assume as little or as much price risk as is appropriate for your business drivers.

THE DELIVERY COSTS are associated with bringing energy from the generator to your meter.  This cost is driven by regulatory bodies and system operators.  Ensuring accurate rate and classification is a key to minimizing your delivery costs.


T&D (Transmission and Distribution – 15-40%

Delivery Cost – (Regulated)

Generation – (Market Based)

Pay less for the energy you use

During the current economic downturn, most companies in America are working on reducing costs. Most cost-cutting measures are quite obvious to experienced managers, but what 75% of sEnergy's clients have found is that substantial reimbursements and ongoing savings were hiding in their utility bills.
U S Gas & Energy's expertise lies in Cost Reduction - helping you pay less for the energy you use. If our audit finds that your company has overpaid, you may be eligible for a refund from the utility company. Our vast experience with providers of Electricity, Natural Gas, Fuel, Water and Wastewater allows us to ensure that your company is being charged the lowest available rate.


Our audit will provide several findings:

  • Identify overcharges, metering errors, duplicate charges and any other billing errors
  • Process overcharge reimbursements
  • Uncover utility rate options, analyze your company's needs and recommend the best option;
  • Educate your staff on how utility billing works and empower them to manage utility bill discrepancies in the future.

U S Gas & Energy can perform an audit of your company in 3 steps with no up-front cost to you. Our track record of finding savings for our clients allows us to do most audits at no charge, contingent on finding savings. When money is saved or recovered, we share the success with you! And, if we find no errors, you will have the peace of mind that your company is paying the best possible rates from all utility and service providers you use.

Our audit process consists of 3 steps:

1. Data Gathering

The initial step includes gathering of all bills for all accounts to be audited, completion of a company profile and questionnaire, and execution of the services agreement and authorization letter.

2. Audit

U S Gas & Energy's auditors review all bills received and compare the current pricing structure against our database on criteria such as company size, peak usage, industry and other pertinent parameters. All charges are also reviewed for metering errors, overcharges, duplicate charges and billing errors.

3. Implementation

After potential savings are identified in the audit, all of the necessary paperwork will be processed by U S Gas & Energy's staff in order to reclaim overcharges and adjust billing rates going forward. Additionally, as we review the findings of the audit, education will be provided to our client in order to empower the staff to identify and remedy discrepancies in billing in the future.


We Offer 7 Different Auditing Services:

1. Utility Audits

Since 1990, U S Gas & Energy has found that over 70% of clients have been incorrectly billed due to numerous errors in billing, monitoring, and measuring energy consumption by the utility companies. U S Gas & Energy's job is to find the errors, reclaim those funds back from the utility companies, and implement a system to ensure proper billing in the future.

The Utility Audit includes the following utilities

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Telecom

2. Freight Audits

Last year a reported $3.4 billion was left on the table by companies failing to claim available discounts and refunds on billing errors and overcharges. It was also estimated that over $7 billion was overpaid on shipping rates.
sEnergy performs three types of Freight Audits:

  • UPS, FedEX & DHL Weekly Recovery Audit
  • UPS, FedEx & DHL Rate Reviews & Negotiation
  • Freight (Air, Truck, Ocean, Train) Post Audit

3. Payable Audits

An estimated $195 billion dollars is left on the table each year, due to missed available exclusions and deductions. U S Gas & Energy will audit all major purchases and payable accounts to uncover any unclaimed funds due to your company. Some of the biggest lump sum refunds U S Gas & Energy processes are from our Payables Audit.

4. Cost Segregation Audits

Cost Segregation is a tool the IRS has given businesses to increase up-front depreciation and encourage investment. The study is done by a   U S Gas & Energy Cost Segregation specialist, who identifies the different costs of your facilities that can be depreciated sooner because of its specialized nature. Having a cost segregation study performed allows for significant up-front tax deductions to be taken.

5. Property Tax Audits

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more is paid in Property Taxes, than in Income Tax and Sales Tax combined. And yet, Property Tax is one of those taxes that we accept as being unmovable and rigid. A U S Gas & Energy Property Tax Audit will evaluate your Real Property Assessment and Personal Property Tax line items from the basis of our three pillars of study and savings:

  1. Verification
  2. Classification
  3. Valuation

6. Duty Drawbacks Audits

Last year alone, 95% of the duty drawbacks that companies could have claimed went untouched and were lost. That number represents approximately $290 million each year. Although Duty Drawbacks are not new, they are terribly under used. U S Gas & Energy audits all drawbacks that your company is eligible for through the import/export activity your company engages in.

7. Production Tax Audit & Recovery
As a manufacturer any utilities used in the production of goods is exempt from taxes in many States at variable degrees. If you paid taxes on those utilities, you may be able to receive a refund. U S Gas & Energy will analyze you bills and ascertain if you are due a refund and correct future billing to reflect the production aspect, which may be exempt from taxes.


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